GAT Nitraflex [Size: 30 Serve] [Flavour: Green Apple]

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GAT Nitraflex

Nitraflex is an advanced pre-training formula designed to enhance your performance during high-intensity workouts.

Nitraflex Formula Advantages:

  • Tested in a double-blind pilot study that was approved by an institutional reviewborad (IRB)
  • During the study, Nitraflex was found to boost strength, stamina and testosterone levels after 2 weeks of use (1 serving daily)
  • All of the subjects in the study were experienced with resistance exercise (3-15 years of lifting experience). The scientist who conducted the study has a PhD and is a former competitive powerlifter.
  • All of the subjects increased their bench press 1-RM by 2.3-5.5kg after using Nitraflex for 2 weeks. 
  • Subjects in the study increased their muscle work capacity (stamina) by an average of 21.6%. Muscle work capacity was measured by determining how many repitions of the bench press each subject could complete with 70% of their 1-RM.
  • Nitraflex contains calcium fructopyranose borate (CFB), a nature-identical compound shown to boost testosterone levels within 3 hours of a single dose. In the Nitraflex study, subjects increased their blood testosterone level by an average of 13.4%.


Day 1: Assess your tolerance by mixing 1/2 scoop with water and drinking 15-30 minutes pre-training. Adjust the level of water to suit your preference for sweetness.

Day 2 and beyond: Depending on your tolerance, mix 1 scoop with water and drink 15-30 minutes pre-training. For maximum results, take Nitraflex pre-training and Adenoflex post-training.


SKU 2294
Brand GAT

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