Why Use a Heart Rate Monitor

Author: Aussie Fitness  

Heart Rate Monitors...‚Äč

  • Provide continuous, accurate digital readouts of your exercise intensity. This enables you to concentrate on your activity and eliminates the need to stop and manually check your heart rate.
  • They are available with built in alarms that warn you if you go outside your training zones.
  • Monitor improvements in your fitness through a visual reduction in your training, recovery and resting heart rates.
  • They are also a motivational tool as they - 
    • Offer an insight into what your body is doing
    • Provide inspiration through measurable results
    • Can eliminate the possibility of over training or training at too high an intensity
    • Are like having a personal trainer on your wrist
  • Ensure that you work hard enough to reap the benefits of exercise while providing a safety net for over training. Over training can increase the risk of injuries, tiredness and loss of motivation.
  • Ensure exercise time is not wasted by training at less efficient intensities.
  • You are a personal tachometer for your body.

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